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Transportation Officer- Armed

Las Cruces, NM, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Our transportation officers provide a secure option in moving products and money to and from store fronts and distribution locations. Would you transport hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bank using your commuter car? Who would be crazy enough to risk that much money?

This mix of transportation and security is key to the success of distribution. As a federally illegal substance, there can be serious ramifications if and when product is stolen—putting the grower, dispensary and their employees at risk. In addition, as a fledgling industry, all eyes are focused on its safety and efficacy, so ensuring legal product doesn’t end up in the illegal market is paramount. Our transportation officer will be licensed and trained to be able to transport throughout NM.

This will be a fun and exciting career with the opportunity to set your own schedule with lots of training opportunity and travel around the state. Pay rate is $20-$30 an hour based on experience. Please send cover letter and resume to


  • Retired Law Enforcment Officer (LEOSA) prefered

  • SWAT/SRT member

  • Police Instructor

  • Criminal investigator 

About the Company

Las Cruces Investigations & Security Advisors provides secure transportation of high value items and money for commercial operations throughout New Mexico.

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