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New Mexico State Flag in sunlight

Our Vision

Common Sense Investigation.  We will look for the most practical answers to your needs.  Our Agents have worked all types of cases.  We choose to keep those stories close to our heart and not share with the world.  We are not into posting the cases or outcomes but rather successfully protect our clients privacy. 


Skilled in private investigations and protection consulting, we will assist in finding a  answer to your problem at hand. Once the solutions has been identified, we execute an action plan to obtain the information that is needed and working with legal Counsel we work as a team for a positive outcome.

Our Team

Our Team at LCISA is comprised of licensed and vetted investigators in the area. Having backgrounds in government, law enforcement (local, state, federal) and military combat related fields. We have worked in hostile countries around the world, from deep  in Mexico to Western Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Our Agents speak multiple languages and have applied their skills to bring tactical situations to a positive outcome.  We apply a simple approach and common sense to the situation at hand.

Our security agents/guards are the most experienced and trained agents for your protection. From site security, to executive protection we take pride in providing the right person for the job.


With over 26 years in law enforcement, intelligence, and private investigations, the founder of Las Cruces Investigations & Security Advisors saw a gap in the private investigation  and security industry in New Mexico and the integrity in which investigations were being conducted. Many private investigators that comprise the industry today are civilians with no law enforcement experience and unlicensed.  We have brought together a strong team of retired and current law enforcement officers, active duty military special forces operators and attorney's to assist in every investigation.  

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