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Javier Diaz began his career in law enforcement in 1996 along the US and Mexican border as a police officer.  Since then he has had the opportunity to work for several different agencies in several different roles.  From patrol officer to command staff, detective to internal affairs investigator, SWAT officer to being an international trainer.  Javier has learned that a common sense approach to a incident is always the best approach to solve the problem.

From 2013-2015 Javier was a trainer for the US State Department, International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Bureau. From Mexico to Western Africa, courses that he instructed in were officer survival, convoy escort, counter ambush, SWAT tactics, firearms, defensive tactics, public order management, riot control, criminal investigations, human trafficking.    

In 2019 Javier left working for the state of New Mexico as a defense investigator and open Las Cruces Investigations & Security Advisors.  He brought together a strong group of investigators, trainers, and staff to the security filed.  

Throughout his career he as worked cases ranging from homicide to thefts and everything in between for both the prosecution and defense.