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Private Investigation


There are times when knowing what a person is doing will solve that all important question.  LCIS Advisors can provide you with the

in-depth surveillance needed for all types of scenarios.  We know the importance of being discrete and impartial for all concerned.  We are able to bring together the needed information for all different kinds of cases.  We provide process service and work with law firms and attorneys in all types of investigations.  We can assist in interviews, witness location, evidence review, court testimony, and presentations for litigation. Our surveillance team blends into the surrounding area and are able to get that photograph you are needing. 


Commercial Investigations


We can assist in new employee background checks and internal affairs investigation for your business. LCIS Advisors have years of experience in hostile work environment investigations, employee theft of time and materials. We can present to your organization the training for work place violence and advise on security threats to your area.

Site security evaluation and protocol advisement. We have the training and experience to review your plans and offer alternatives in construction, equipment, and training for on site security.  our agents are bi-lingual and are accustomed to work in hostile environments, bringing common sense ideas at a cost savings to our clients. 

Corporate Security and Bodyguard services


Our agents have experience with all types of personal protection details.  From visiting heads of state, to victims of stalking. We are able to provide armed protection both domestically and abroad.  With experience of traveling the world and knowing in country safety briefings, LCIS Advisors can provide you with the most current travel advisory and pre-deployment security checks for the safety of your staff and clients. Talk to us about executive security and travel concerns.

Firearms Training

We offer the most popular CCW course in New Mexico.  Our instructors have over 60 years of combined experience in presenting firearms training.  We specialize in bringing the most novice shooter to being able to address multiple targets and shooting on the move.   This is not your typical going to the range and shooting paper targets with your buddy.


Our advance pistol course and carbine introduction course is a fun day at the range.

We also offer monthly range day instruction, drop in's are always welcomed.  


Secure Transport

Would you transport hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bank using your commuter car? Who would be crazy enough to risk that much money?

This mix of transportation and security is key to the success of distribution. As a federally illegal substance, there can be serious ramifications if and when product is stolen—putting the grower, dispensary and their employees at risk. In addition, as a fledgling industry, all eyes are focused on its safety and efficacy, so ensuring legal product doesn’t end up in the illegal market is paramount.

Contact us to secure you facilities and your transportation needs. 

Site Security Agents


 LCISA has uniformed and plain clothes security agents for you business.  Our agents are not your average rent a cop security.  All security agents are retired law enforcement officers or US combat veterans. They bring with them the training and experience from years and years of training and practical application.  We can provide licensed armed security agents on an emergency basis throughout New Mexico and West Texas.

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